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Tea Party

$26.00 PP

Includes (1) Soup, (2) Mini Quiches, (2) Sandwiches and (3) Sweets

Soups & Scones
Cauliflower bisque, root vegetable brunoise, beet chips, apricot walnut scones
Cream of asparagus, brie, wild mushrooms, orange scented scones
Sweet corn veloute, roasted peppers, sofrito, mix berry scone
Sweet potato, spiced apples, autumn scented mousse, mini apple fritter
Carrot & ginger soup, o.j., cardamom whipped cream, orange scented scone
Cream of roasted tomato bisque, petite grilled cheese sandwich
Wild mushroom soup, potato hash, fig & apple scone
Clam & lobster chowder, puff pastry
Parsnip & apple cider soup, toasted almonds, crispy Brussels sprout petals, dried cherry buttermilk scones

Mini Quiche
Asparagus & brie
Bacon & cheddar
Spinach, Dearborn ham, Swiss
Mediterranean, spinach, artichoke, feta, grape tomato
Petite phyllo quiche Lorraine, bacon, carmelized onions,
Three cheese, mozzarella, provolone & parmesan
Shrimp & grit, white cheddar grits, tomato, chervil, andouille sausage
Chefs vegetable
Mushroom & gruyere, fine herbs, chive crème fraiche

English cucumber, shaved cucumber, lemon, dill, farmer’s cheese
Apple wood smoked salmon roulade, brioche bread, asparagus, boursin cheese
Golden chicken salad, whole grain mustard, yogurt sauce, lemon, herbs, grapes, mini honey buns
Curry chicken salad, apple, currants, naan bread
Smoked turkey, fire roasted tomato pesto, arugula, whole wheat bread
Honey roasted turkey, sea salt, cranberry aioli, mix greens, cream cheese biscuits
Truffle egg salad, butter lettuce, vine ripened tomato, mini croissant
Mini reubens, classic
Savory mushroom crepes, smoke gouda, spinach
Pinwheel vegetable sandwich, herb cheese, baby spinach, shaved cucumber, radish, carrot, tomato lavash

Chocolate éclairs
PC brownie bites, Banana walnut bread, cream cheese frosting
Lemon bars
Shortbread cookies
Petite carrot cake souflees
Chocolate truffles
Assorted cheese cake shooters
Mix berry & lemon parfaits
Sweetheart sugar cookies
Lemon tea bread with citrus glaze,
Chocolate & almond macaroons
Griddled shortbread with strawberry jam

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