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Do you cook onsite ? 

We are an off-premise catering company specializing in executing large events with little or no kitchen.  Generally, most food is prepared in our professional kitchen

How do you keep the food hot? 

We have large holding ovens that keep the food hot without jeopardizing the integrity of the dishes.

When does the catering team arrive at the event ?

We arrive  2 hours prior to food service. Our team members will gather information regarding your needs and make decisions accordingly.

When does your team leave the event?

We leave when the dining portion of your special event is complete. A portion of our team will stay back if hired for cake service

What does your team do when they get to the event location?

We are a full service catering company. We set the dining room with china / cutlery, water glasses. Includes water service, serving food, clearing tables,  & other server responsibilities

We have a few guests that are vegetarian / vegan / dietary restrictions ?

Our team leader will inquire about their needs and create special plates to accommodate your guests with allergies or dietary restrictions.


Do you provide waitstaff ?

Yes we provide trained servers

What does your staff wear ?

Our  servers wear gray Oxford shirts with Chowhound logo , black slacks and kitchen safe black shoes.

How do you determine how many waitstaff to bring?

The rule of thumb is 1 server per  20 guests for plated service and 1 server for every 35 guests for buffet.

Do you provide china ?

We do have china available to rent . You do not have to use our China to secure our catering services, We do charge a service fee if using another vendor's china. The service fee is 20 % of the other companies rental order excluding bar glasses. The 20 % covers unloading rentals, setting dining room, clearing all plates , rinsing and securing china at event location.

Do you provide Linen ? 

We do  have  linen available to rent . We provide linen set up on the day of your event. If you would like to set your linen earlier before you can make arrangements to pick it up at Chowhound Gourmet.  

Do you offer dessert?

We do not,  but we can refer you to some amazing vendors.

Can you cut and serve our cake ?

Yes, we would be happy to assist with your cake for a flat fee of $ 75.00 for any event under 100  guests and $ 150.00 for any party over 100 guests.


How do we book Chowhound Gourmet ?

To secure our services for the date of your event we require a $ 250.00 deposit which goes towards your bottom line.

When should we book ?

We schedule events on a first come first serve basis. We recommend booking sooner than later.

When is our next payment due ?

After booking half of the total payment is due 30  days prior to your special event. The the final amount  is due 7 days prior to your event.

When is our final guest count due ?

Your food choices and guest count  are due 8 days prior to your event.

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